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A High Amount of Fat May Have Negative Effects on Your Brain

October 27th, 2006 writes that a high-fat diet could reduce the production of new brain cells in hippocampus. Andreas Lindqvist at Lund's University in Sweden will in December defend his doctor's thesis where the results will be presented.

This was an animal study and the rats were given a high-fat diet with a very high amount of coconut fat and rapeseed oil. Coconut fat is mainly saturated fat whereas rapeseed oil mainly consists of monounsaturated fat, but also some polyunsaturated fat (omega-3 and omega-6).

The rats' fat intake was three times their daily need. This fatty diet increased the production of the stress hormone corticosterone, which led to a reduction in new brain cell production.

New tests are being planned to investigate whether a diet with a high amount of omega-3 fatty acids will have any different effect.