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Healthy Food and Exercise May Improve Childrens Behavior

January 16th, 2007

A health campaign was implemented for seven months at a school in Merton in England. The campaign had a very positive effect on the school childrens learning and behavior. It was the non-profit foundation "Food for the Brain" that implemented a health program, which included healthy school lunches, exercise, vitamins and omega-3 supplements.

The total number of participants was 90, and they were all between the age of five to sixteen. A majority of these (49 pupils) showed clear signs of ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). The "Teacher Conner's Rating" was used to measure and determine this.

The results of the new diet and exercise plan were very promising. The symptoms of behavioral disorders and concentration problems were significantly reduced among the pupils.

Symptoms TCR* PCR**
Anxiety and shyness -10 % -18 %
Inattention -9,3 % -16 %
Social problems -9 % -16 %
Restlessness and impulsiveness -5,6 % -15 %

* TCR = Teacher Conner’s Rating
** PCR = Parent Conner’s Rating

The fish oil that was used in Merton was a supplement called Eye q, that besides the omega-3 also contains small amounts of omega-6.

Previous studies at Durham have also shown that omega-3 supplements can improve childrens behavior in the class rooms. Read more about the Oxford-Durham study.